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How should children overcome challenges

“The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

It is very true that we believe in the state of our mind and the limitations in our life. There are numerous times we never try to think beyond our limitations and push ourselves more. When we step out in public, we have a fear of facing them; When we are on the edge of the cliff, we are scared that we might fall off. Every step and every change becomes a challenge, but we all know that change is inevitable and so is the challenge. To be successful we must accept all challenges that come our way. Difficulties are the stepping stones for a bright future.

Let me share one of my personal experiences in this pandemic my biggest challenge was Technology. When I stepped into the world of technology for the first time, I was shivering with nervousness and I was feeling a little low, but as it is rightly said practice makes a man perfect and this truly applied to me. I was set to face the challenges which came across every day in my workplace and I went on accepting them.

In this world where we all are techno-savvy, my friends played a vital role. I would say my colleagues helped me become confident, determined and helped me with the ability to overcome all the challenges and turn my weakness into my strength.

This is what can be taught to our children and helps them understand their strengths and prepare them for healthy growth. As an individual, we should make them strong enough to face challenges that come across in their day-to-day life.

In the end, we get to understand that “Don’t rescue your child from a challenge. Teach them to face it.” If we focus on developing their strengths, they will grow faster than when trying to improve their weaknesses. Let us join hands and help our young minds to build a better future.

Conclusion – Overcoming challenges and facing them head on will help you grow and I strongly believe in that. That said, it is crucial to assist your child to help them overcome their fear of failures.

By: – Mrs. Vishakha Pimplpure
Class Teacher – Nursery

Age doesn’t determine extent of thoughts

In my career of 20-plus years as a teacher, I have come across children of different nature and thoughts. Normally a child of 4-5 years of age behaves as if they are in their own unique world and interacts with adults on topics directly related to them or others. We often perceive them as innocent and naive. But sometimes they show signs of heightened emotional and mental intelligence. One such example I like to share with you all.

One day, one of my students was riding his bicycle and saw 4-5 stray dogs on the road in front of the school premises. He stopped for a moment and thought for a minute and went back to his home. He reached home and told his mother about the dogs and said, ”Mumma! My teacher uses the same road daily to come to the school. If there are dogs, then how will she be able to come to school and teach me? His mother told him she will tell his teacher to take care when she will come to school.

The next day, his mother shared this conversation with me during the class. I was very surprised that such a young boy could think to that extent.

This shows that the Pre-Primary student is also capable of showing quite a lot of concern and exhibit emotional intelligence. We must never underestimate them.


By – Mrs. Shruti Sapre


A hope to touch the horizon, A hope to be one in a million, and a hope to be ???

Awaiting for the moment to hear the jingling of the bells, waiting for the tiny footsteps to tap again the slides, waiting for the twinkling smiles to shine. Swings are swaying alone, waiting for those little arms to hold around. The tabletops, the chair, the playgrounds are all silent; the boards are blank and the walls are quiet. Everything is gradually peeping out from the doors of hope. Just hoping one day we all will come together and make this hope a reality and open the doors of our school once again and see little angels entering the door with a bang. The entire education system has become a topsy-turvy where teachers, apart from imparting knowledge to the children, are also catering how to deal with their anxiety that the children are close to the screen but they are far away from their peers. The social development which we always want children to grow with has been lost somewhere. We all hope that this all ends and we all see the ray of hope to see our kids back in school.

Hope to see that the grey clouds move away and we can see those tiny little hands stretching high to touch the silver lining in the sky.

By – Mrs. Pooja Chourasiya
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