In my career of 20-plus years as a teacher, I have come across children of different nature and thoughts. Normally a child of 4-5 years of age behaves as if they are in their own unique world and interacts with adults on topics directly related to them or others. We often perceive them as innocent and naive. But sometimes they show signs of heightened emotional and mental intelligence. One such example I like to share with you all.

One day, one of my students was riding his bicycle and saw 4-5 stray dogs on the road in front of the school premises. He stopped for a moment and thought for a minute and went back to his home. He reached home and told his mother about the dogs and said, ”Mumma! My teacher uses the same road daily to come to the school. If there are dogs, then how will she be able to come to school and teach me? His mother told him she will tell his teacher to take care when she will come to school.

The next day, his mother shared this conversation with me during the class. I was very surprised that such a young boy could think to that extent.

This shows that the Pre-Primary student is also capable of showing quite a lot of concern and exhibit emotional intelligence. We must never underestimate them.


By – Mrs. Shruti Sapre